One of the most important steps of turning your idea into a product is prototyping.

This allows you very early on in the development cycle to visualize your app, make sure that all facets of your ideea will be included in the final version and it helps synchoronize everyone involved in the development team.

UX Design

Tied for first place with Prototying for the most important step of the development cycle, good UX design often makes the difference between a succesfull app and a flop.

Always, always and ALWAYS design your app with the end user in mind. If the user has a great experience when using your app (applies to web as well), then he/she will come back a lot more and be much more receptive to recommending the app.

iOS Mobile Development - iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

Native iOS development ensures that your app will be easy to update in the future, will not have any 3rd party framework limitations and the it will run at the maximum possible speed the platform allows.

Althought native development is more time consuming and thus a bit pricier, the advantages become clear very quickly.

Android Mobile Development - Phone and Tablet

Considering the many form factors that use the Android OS, native development is the only option if you want your app to be optimized for as many devices as possbile.

Web Design and Development

Even though mobile content consumption has sky-rocketed, there are a lot of solutions that work best on a non-mobile platform.

We employ most time-tested technologies to bring out the best platforms we possible can: HTML5, CSS3, Native PHP, jQuery and many more.

Online Portal and CMS Systems

Whether you just need a simple product page or a full fledged Content Management System, we can help.

Our web portals use intuitive UX, are not cluttered and get straight to the point with no frills.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Most mobile apps consume content from a server. This is a very important comonent of your mobile app and done properly will have huge impact on your app's user experience.

Taking a lot of factors into account when we design your mobile-backend, you can be assured that your app will always run silky-smooth.

App Analytics

Take the guess work out of decision-making.

Integrated analytics and crash reporting systems will always have you in the driver's seat so you can concentrate on more important decisions.